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Lindsay Jenkins is an investigative author and journalist. She specializes in the history and current operations of the European Union.

She has dedicated years of research to exposing the rising power of the European Union, the waning power of the member nation states and the decline of freedom, liberty and democracy. Her continuing series of books, Britain in Europe, shows how far this stealthy takeover has progressed.

Lindsay's first book, Britain Held Hostage, reveals for the first time who created the EU and why. This is the historical thesis the Brusselsí bureaucrats do not endorse.

Her second book, The Last Days of Britain, starkly illustrates how far ĎBrusselsí has already taken over Britain's former national life.

Her most recent book, Disappearing Britain, The EU and the Death of Local Government, exposes how local government in Britain and across the EU is being replaced by the EUís own local government of regions, sub regions and sub sub regions and thus marks the end of the nation state.

Lindsay previously worked for British and American investment banks in the City of London and as a senior civil servant in the British Ministry of Defence. She received an honours degree from Bedford College, London University and an MBA from Cranfield School of Management. She lives in both the UK and US.