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Britain Held Hostage
"The prognosis for all our future. . ."
Frederick Forsyth, author and broadcaster
"Reveals in dispassionate and easy language the treachery of successive politicians. . . the appalling evidence is literally breathtaking."
Vice Admiral Sir Louis Le Bailly K.B.E.
"This explosive book has already made its courageous lady author a hated figure in the corridors of Brussels and Westminster."
This England
"Jenkins writes with authority, clarity and analytical precision of the delusion which still grips the policy elites in Washington and London to this day."
Dr Martin Holmes, former Co-Chairman of The Bruges Group
"If only this book could be read by the many thousands who still don't understand what the European issue is really about."
Sir Richard Body, former Member of Parliament
"We dare not desist from presenting the challenge of Europe to the British people."
Lord Tonypandy, former Speaker of the House of Commons