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Disappearing Britain, The EU and the Death of Local Government.

Lord Tebbit’s Foreword to Disappearing Britain
, and later the United Kingdom, has been the rock on which every attempt to create a European wide state has foundered since the collapse of the Roman Empire.

Lord Tebbit is one of Britain’s greatest parliamentarians. Active and highly vocal in the House of Lords, he was formerly the Conservative Member of Parliament for Chingford, Essex. He was a close ally of Margaret Thatcher and served in leading positions in her governments. When the IRA bombed a Brighton hotel where the Prime Minister, Mrs Thatcher, and many of her cabinet were staying during a Conservative Party conference, he was injured and his wife was permanently disabled.


‘Reading Lindsay Jenkins’ detailed, meticulous supported account, my shock has turned to horror at what is being perpetrated.’

Professor Peter Davison, Britain and Overseas, The Economic Research Council Autumn 2006

This book is crucially relevant to today’s Britain ... Regionalism has arrived. It is, as this book amply demonstrates, a threat to democracy as it thieves powers from the democratically elected and bestows them on the quangocrats.
Dr Lee Rotherham, The Salisbury Review, Volume 24 No 4, 2006
‘A hard hitting book…packed with shocking facts about the EU plan to break up Britain so that it is weak, divided and unable to resist foreign domination.’ 
This England, Spring 2006
‘It now seems certain that a major upheaval of local government is about to be thrust on the centuries-old shires of England, with the abolition of county and district councils and their replacement by large all-pupose unitary authorities…

Lindsay Jenkins believes the stench of garlic will replace the scent of English rose, as Brussels becomes the dominant force in every structure of local services…

If you reject the concept of regionalism, believing it’s an attempt by the EU to entwine its tentacles ‘around so much of our national life” then you will find Disappearing Britain confirms your worst nightmares.’
Graham Dines, East Anglian Daily Times, 29.11.2005
'Lindsay Jenkins has produced the definitive study of the EU’s drive to break Britain up into regions…Disappearing Britain takes us through the evolution of regional government form its tentative origins in the Treaty of Rome to the imposition by the Government of regional assemblies all over Britain without he slightest democratic mandate.’
Independence, the magazine of the Campaign for an Independent Britain

When we look at the map of the new regions of the "New EU Britain", and see the vast size of the SOUTH WEST REGION (totally unelected but already in existence and already issuing Diktats) we can easily visualise the horror of what is to come.  All of this has well been documented in a book aptly entitled "DISAPPEARING BRITAIN", by Lindsay. ..  Clearly it is a book which every British citizen should be reading before it is too late.'

The Freedom Association Blog

Disappearing Britain; the EU and the Death of Local Government is Lindsay Jenkins’s third book which examines the UK’s tumultuous relationship with the European Union. Whilst Ms Jenkins’s previous two books, The Last Days of Britain (Orange State Press, 2000) and Britain Held Hostage (Orange State Press, 1998) look more generally at Britain’s entry into the EU and how far Brussels has already absorbed Britain's political, economic and judicial life, Disappearing Britain is the first in her series to examine the impact that Britain’s membership of the EU is having on the actual governing of Britain itself at a local level. Read More...

Jocelyne Saunders Head of Research at the European Foundation, London