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Disappearing Britain, The EU and the Death of Local Government.

...The contemporary hostility of the European establishment towards the Anglo sphere has been built on the historic European ambition that powered Philip of Spain, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Kaiser and Hitler to create their European empires. Even today the would-be imperialists who dream of challenging America for world leadership know that until this Kingdom is subdued their ambition will not be achieved.

That is at the heart of the plan, which Lindsay Jenkins exposes. With the enthusiastic backing of Prime Minister Blair 300 years of union with Scotland is being undone. Wales is being pushed away and IRA/Sinn Fein is not being so much appeased as treated like an ally in the destruction of the United Kingdom.

Even so that is not enough. What New Labour pretends is devolution to the English regions, Lindsay Jenkins shows step by step is a plan from Brussels to take England back to its state before the time of Alfred the Great, divided and incapable of resisting foreign colonisation. Westminster is being by-passed. The Regions are encouraged to deal bilaterally with Brussels, softened with sweet talk and expensive lunches to be integrated as regions into a European Union not of sovereign states but dependent provinces.

Far fetched? Well, read the book. There is no need to assess Lindsay Jenkins’ opinions. Just look at the documented facts and judge for yourself. Step by step, year by year, this books sets out how Parliament and constitutional Monarchy, long the epitome of democratic practice, are being sidelined by the creation of regional government. Unlike our Parliament and Monarchy this is not growing organically in response to changing times and changing needs. It is being built to a master plan devised by foreign interests not to strengthen but to neuter this country and eliminate any focal point of opposition to Imperial Europe. It is being implemented step by step to avoid the public resistance were its purpose to be known.

This book echoes Gladstone’s speech at Hastings on 17th March 1891.

‘No violence, no tyranny, whether of experiments or of such methods as are likely to be made in this country, could ever for a moment have a chance of prevailing against the energies of that great Assembly (The House of Commons),

“No; if these powers of the House of Commons come to be encroached upon, it will be by tacit and insidious methods, and therefore I say that public attention should be called to this.”’

Lindsay Jenkins’ book ‘calls attention to this’.

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