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Speaking Out
Here are some recent speeches by Lindsay.

Speech: The Ultimate City Take-over

This morning, I am going to address the ultimate City take-over. I hope to show how by regulation in particular the EU intends to control the City of London and take much of our financial business away and in a pretty short time frame...

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Speech: Independence Ebbing
UK Independence Party’s annual conference in Bristol in October, 2004

I have been asked to speak about regions but my message to you is a simple one:

“The enemy we face now is every bit as intent on destroying us, as were the Axis powers in World War II . . . This is not an enemy we can negotiate with or appease or reason with..."

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Speech: The Coming Police State
Exeter University, 25th March 2006

I am very worried about what is happening to policing in this country today and I would like to share some thoughts with you.

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Evidence: Who Governs and How?

The European Reform Forum, the Houses of Parliament, 27th Oct 2006

A previous witness, Mr. Frederick Forsyth, characterised the European Union as an oligarchy.  I agree with that...The how of EU government can be illustrated by the takeover of local government, both in this country and throughout the whole of the European Union. 

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Speech: Mad Map to Leave Britain in Bits

London Conference, 28 October 2006

In September The Sun newspaper ran a sensational article under the headline, ‘Mad Map to Leave Britain in Bits’ (4th September 2006). 

The article began ‘Germany is plotting to wipe Britain off the map in their revived bid to create a EU superstate. They want the 25 member states to scrap their national boundaries so England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland cease to exist. They would be split up and merged with other countries to form new “trans-national” EU regions.’

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